ウォーキングチャレンジ2019| 参加について



*English follows Japanese (日本語の後に英語が続きます)

ウォーキングチャレンジ2019への参加を検討下さいまして、ありがとうございます。 以下の概要をご確認いただいた上で、ウェブフォームへ必要事項を入力ください。


健康長寿のまち・京都 いきいきアプリ(以下いきいきアプリ)利用者:京都市から歩数のデータを受け取ります。

1ヶ月間の1人あたりの1日の平均歩数が8,000歩を越えた個人参加者、グループでの1日の平均歩数が8,000歩を越えたグループの参加メンバーには、栄誉ある“Kyoto Walker” の称号が贈られ、その中から抽選で豪華賞品をプレゼントします。

賞品の一部は、12月8日に立命館大学で開催される、「ヘルシーキャンパスフォーラム2019」に参加したKyoto Walkerのみが抽選対象となります。ご了承下さい。


・ 参加者に年齢制限は設けておりませんが、運動に不安のある方や、何らかの症状や病気をお持ちの方は、参加前にかかりつけ医にご相談ください。
・ 自分の体調に合わせ、無理のないウォーキングを心がけましょう。
・ 水分補給と適度な休憩をしっかりと行い、脱水症状や熱中症に注意しましょう。
・ 体調が優れないときは、無理せず休みましょう。
・ 靴は自分にあった歩きやすいものをおすすめします。
・ 交通ルールを守り、事故には十分注意し、各自の責任のもと安全にウォーキングを行ってください。
・ 歩きスマホ、ながらスマホは危険です。移動する際は、スマホの画面を見ず周囲に気を配って下さい。
・ いきいきアプリを始めとしたアプリ、スマートフォン、歩数計の仕様や、お使いの機種への対応状況、歩数測定の精度等に関するお問い合わせには、各大学窓口では返答できかねます。各メーカー、サポートへ直接お問い合わせください。


Thank you for considering participation in the Waking Challenge 2019. Please check the following outline and fill out the necessary information on the online form.

【Register for Participation】
Please apply by entering the necessary information into the online form on the homepage. Your email address is required for registration. The registered email address will be retained by the Healthy Campus Network Office and only be used for sharing information related to this event.

【Step Count Method】
For Kyoto City Iki-Iki App Users: Your step-count data will be received from the Kyoto City Office.
For Other Smartphone App or Pedometer Users: You must enter your step-count data into “My Page” which will be delivered to all participants.
※ For participation in the lottery for prizes, submission of a picture which shows your step count is also required.

【Prize Drawing】
Individual participants who averaged 8,000 steps per day per person over a one-month period and members of a team that averaged 8,000 steps per day will be given the prestigious title “Kyoto Walker”. Lottery prize winners will be selected from these individuals.
Please note that some prizes can only be given to Kyoto Walkers who participated in the “Healthy Campus Forum 2019” held on December 8 at Ritsumeikan University.

【Announcement of Lottery Winners and Receipt of Prizes】
〇 Individual Participants
Winners will be sent the winner notification via their registered email address (approximately at the end of December). Please receive your prize from the Walking Challenge officials at your university by showing your student/staff ID card.

〇 Team Participants
Both lottery winners and the team leader will receive the winner notification. If the winner belongs to the university, they shall follow the same procedure as individual participants. If winner does NOT belong to the university, the team leader will receive the prize from the Walking Challenge officials at their university by showing their student/staff ID card, and deliver it to the winner in the team.

【Important Notes on Participation】
・ There is no age limitation for participants, however, if you are worried about exercising or have any symptoms or illnesses, please consult to your doctor before participation.
・ Please keep in mind to walk at a comfortable pace according to your physical condition.
・ Please make sure you drink enough water and take breaks, and be careful not to get dehydrated and overheated.
・ When your physical condition is not good, don’t force yourself and please take a break.
・ We recommend shoes that are fit to your feet and comfortable to walk in.
・ Please follow the traffic rules, be careful about accidents, and walk safely at your own risk.
・ When on the move, please pay attention to your surroundings and do not use your smartphone.
・ Inquiries regarding the specifications of apps (including the Iki-Iki app), smartphones, pedometers, compatibility with your model, accuracy of pedometer measurement, etc. cannot be answered by your university’s Walking Challenge officials. Please contact each manufacturer and support center directly.

※Please refer to the “Frequently Asked Questions” page on the website. [Japanese Only]

For those who require English support:
We acknowledge that this Walking Challenge event is not fully supported in English, and apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.